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How do you know you’re a dancer?

It’s always strange when people ask me “are you a dancer?” I dance EVERY dance. I love to dance. I love trying out a variety of dance styles. It’s amazing to see what the body is capable of doing with music.  Yet, I find myself stuck when I get asked the question.  Is a dancer characterized by someone who is a professional—they actually get paid to dance? That seems so narrow.  Is a dancer someone who performs? They’re not just in their living room busting a move (although that’s loads of fun as well) but there is a public element to their art. Sometimes I think a dancer is someone who is willing to take a risk for the art—take a fall, get injured, go broke . . . Maybe you’re a dancer if you believe you’re a dancer. If instead of laughing awkwardly I just said with confidence, “YES. Yes, I’m a dancer.” Maybe that’s what makes me a dancer.

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